Join us for a data jam!

Fiona invites us to join her at NICE’s social care data jam

Fiona Glen, programme director at NICE

NICE is trusted to produce guidance that is based upon the best evidence available.

We use data collected through scientific research and testimonials shared by practitioners and patients to gain an insight into how a health or social care condition is best managed.

Where we can, we also use publicly available information, such as social care data held by NHS Digital.

In order to broaden our experience of using public data, we are organising a ‘Social care data jam’. Everyone is invited…

First of all, what is a data jam? No, it isn’t a marmalade, sadly. It is an event where people with different skills come together and use public data to answer a question.

In our case, we want to put our heads together and see how this type of data can contribute to NICE guidance and help us to improve social care.

You don’t have to be experienced in statistics or programming to attend our jam. Creative thinking and an enthusiasm to improve social care is all that’s needed.

We’ll spend the day using the data available to build a new product, which could support social care. This might mean designing a new user-friendly interface for people to access data easily, or probing the data to identify how a homecare service could be more efficient – whatever you think of. Lunch will be provided and there will be a prize for the most innovative idea.

What is in it for you? Besides the potential prizes and delicious (marmalade?) sandwiches? Well, if you work in social care you will learn what data is freely available and how you can use it. If you are a data scientist or designer you will get to work with data in a new way. And if nothing else, it is a chance to meet likeminded people.

So, if you are a social care practitioner, commissioner of homecare services, data scientist, computer programmer, graphic or interface designer, or if you just love dealing with data to register your interest in attending our data jam.

Fiona Glen, programme director at NICE
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