23 June 2017

Small budgets, big ideas Dr Emily Crowe, Technical Adviser, NICE Scientific Advice

Emily tells us about a new competition that NICE Scientific Advice are running for small and medium sized companies, charities, and academic research groups.

We’ve been advising Big Pharma on their product development plans from a NICE perspective since 2009.  Companies pay for this service with the aim that they are better prepared for a future NICE evaluation.

However, small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), charities and academic research groups often don’t have the resources to access advice from NICE if they have awareness of this service in the first place.

This is why we created the ‘light scientific advice service’, initially aimed at SMEs. This service gives SMEs an opportunity to discuss early development plans with us at a lower price than standard projects for the pharmaceutical industry. It’s the quickest way to get official advice from NICE.

We want to ensure that SMEs, charities, and academic research groups working on truly transformative medical products have the support they need to make the most of their ideas as well as raise profile and importance of early engagement with the payers to discuss their development plans.

And on 27 June, we are launching the “NICE AdviSeME prize” competition for SMEs, charities and academic research groups. Applicants will be asked to answer questions on their technology, its value and available clinical data. The competition will run for approximately 3 months.

The winner of the prize gets a free NICE ‘light scientific advice service’, valued at £15,000,

We welcome to the competition SMEs, charities and academic research groups which are developing medical products that:

  • are meant for patients with an unmet medical need
  • have clinical credibility
  • have the potential to:
    - prolong survival
    - improve a person’s quality of life
    - reduce costs and/or the use of NHS healthcare resources
    - improve access to healthcare

If that’s you, apply from the 27 June and watch this space…

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  • Dear Dr. Crowe, I am founder of Breast Density Matters UK, non-profit, self-funding, breast cancer patient advocacy. This video provides some background to my breast cancer experience and our work. http://ecancer.org/conference/949-1st-cancer-research---bath-symposium/video/5887/identifying-cancer-in-dense-breast-tissue.php I hope that you find our work of interest. I look forward to hearing more about the NICE competition. Kind regards, Cheryl Cruwys, Breast Density Matters UK.

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