12 October 2017

The NICE Guidance Implementation survey Christopher Feinmann, Implementation Mananger, NICE

We want to know why and how you use our products and in particular what would make this easier for you.

Christopher Feinmann, Commissioning Manager, NHS Evidence

Spare up to 10 minutes to take our new tick-box style survey.

If you use NICE guidelines or quality standards we want to hear from you. 

We want to know why and how you use our products and your experience of using them – and we would like to know what would make this easier for you.

We have designed the survey to make it easier to tell us how these apply in your sector.  

In the past you have told us you find it helpful to use NICE guidelines when working across sectors to improve services or resolve local problems. We also know it can be challenging to implement NICE recommendations when it requires a change in practice or significant service redesign. 

NICE has a remit to provide evidence-based guidelines and quality standards right across health and social care and it’s timely for us to update our understanding of your needs.

The NICE implementation strategy is based on 5 principles – to ensure:

  1. guidance and standards are fit for our audiences’ needs;
  2. audiences are aware of our guidance and standards;
  3. audiences are motivated to make changes and drive improvements;
  4. practical support is highlighted to support local adoption; and,
  5. implementation and impact and uptake is regularly evaluated.

The results of the survey will help us shape and enhance the products and services we provide, so we hope it will be worth your while!

Get your voice heard by completing our new tick-box style survey.

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