The Quality Improvement Resource: An invaluable tool for commissioners

Sarbjit discusses her involvement in the co-production of a new tool to help improve delivery of adult social care services.

Sarbjit Rai, Contracts Manager, Newham Adult Social Care services

Ever since I joined Newham social care services in 2013, the goal has been to provide high quality services for our residents, and to share best practice with neighbouring local authorities.

We’ve been working hard to implement NICE guidelines. So, when I was approached to take part in a co-production group to develop the Quality Improvement Resource tool I was delighted.

The group brought together a range of people from different backgrounds. It was great to see a variation of job roles and organisations presented from provider organisations to commissioners. Every member of group was able to contribute, adding value from a different perspective. 

The resource is primarily aimed at commissioners, but it was hugely important to get input from those people providing the services. We were able to take a close look at the challenges social care organisations face.

Working in social care myself and in my particular role, I know it can sometimes be tricky to find one resource that contains all of the relevant information you need. This is why, when we produced this resource, having the CQC staff involved was extremely useful.  We’ve brought together NICE’s quality standards and guidance, and mapped it against the Care Quality Commissioners (CQCs) Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE).

This resource will allow teams and individuals to quickly access the information they need for their work. I’m an avid champion of the tool and have started to use it with colleagues. A few examples include, the development of a quality assessment framework known as i-QAF and most recently, some work on the Enhanced Health in Care homes programme, looking at infection control in nursing homes and the In-Reach Nurse project.  

I’m really glad I took part in the co-production of the tool – it is an achievement for NICE. I would encourage everyone in social care to recognise its value. If you want to improve your services and deliver high quality services then you must use the resource in your work.

You can download and look at the resource by clicking here, or for more information about this work, have a look at the website.

Sarbjit Rai, Contracts Manager, Newham Adult Social Care services
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