5 Adoption support resources (insights) without case studies

This section describes how the adoption team develops adoption support resources without case studies when the technology, or group of technologies, is not in routine use in health or social care services.

5.1 Key stages in development

Table 2 shows the key stages in the development process for an adoption support resource (without case studies).

Table 2 Key stages of the development process for a resource without case studies



Topic selection meeting identifies need for adoption support resource


Topic allocation to a health technology adoption manager


Meet companies


Agree scope of project, in line with guidance scope


Invitation letters sent to individuals identified as experts during guidance development or who may be using the technology in a research capacity or recruited through the adoption and impact reference panel


Individual interviews carried out by health technology adoption manager


Document insights and practical advice from experts


Develop the adoption support resource using information from guidance and participating experts


Quality assurance, including review by company, participating experts, guidance team, editorial team and publication executive


NICE publication executive approves resource for publication


NICE publishes adoption support resource


5.2 Working with companies

See section 4.2.

5.3 Recruiting and interviewing experts

The adoption team contacts any health and social care experts identified by the guidance developers, the company, stakeholders (such as royal colleges or NHS England) or from the adoption and impact reference panel to invite them to contribute to the development of the resource.

A health technology adoption manager interviews health and social care experts who agree to contribute to gather their views on adoption levers and challenges for the selected technology (or group of technologies).