2 Adoption support resources: overview

2 Adoption support resources: overview

The published outputs of the adoption team are adoption support resources, or 'insights'. These web‑based resources support the implementation of NICE guidance or recommendations on health technologies, particularly those produced by the Centre for Health Technology Evaluation. On occasion these may also be developed to support implementation of technologies recommended in NICE guidance.

Adoption support resources are developed in 2 ways:

  • With case studies: when the technology, or group of technologies, is already being routinely used in a number of health or social care organisations, the team develops a resource by collecting and recording experiences and learning from sites in the UK that are already using the technology. These may be presented as case studies in the final resource or as linked shared learning examples. These resources take about 6 months to produce (see section 4).

  • Without case studies: when the technology, or group of technologies, is not already being routinely used in UK health and social care services, the team collects insights from expert practitioners on the considerations that would be important for successful adoption. These resources take about 5 months to produce.

Where NICE guidance has been identified as having specific and significant adoption issues, such as a change in the care pathway, resource impact, staff training or service reconfiguration, the adoption team may instead do feasibility or prospective adoption projects. The guidance topics are identified internally and the project will be developed as needed on a bespoke basis. Because these are developed on a case-by-case basis, the process will vary and so is not included in this manual.

2.1 Format of NICE adoption support resources

These are web-based resources that can be downloaded as a PDF or ebook, or in ePUB format.

Each resource focuses on a particular health technology, or group of technologies, and provides practical information on what aspects to plan and consider during implementation.

For each topic, the adoption support resource will:

  • provide real-life examples of where the technology has been used and the impact that this had on patient care

  • identify potential barriers to adoption and solutions

  • identify how patient and system benefits, including safety and cost savings, can be achieved in practice

  • help organisations to prepare a business case for change.

Key sections include:

  • Current practice.

  • Case studies from health and social care services, or links to shared learning examples developed during the course of the project.

  • Practical advice for adopting the technology including staff training, business case development, project management and how to overcome implementation challenges.

  • Links to real-life example documents such as business cases, training tools, audit tools, decision-making tools and NICE savings and productivity and local practice collections.

The resources are not intended to replace guidance and recommendations, but to focus on factors supporting the successful adoption of a new health technology. They will refer the user to the guidance for further information where necessary.

The adoption support resources are accessed through the NICE website alongside the source guidance, or through the adoption team webpage.