7 Post-publication support and review

This section addresses the work of the adoption team after NICE guidance or the adoption support resources are published.

7.1 Post-publication meetings

Members of the guidance team and the adoption team offer to meet the lead companies of a technology recommended by MTEP or DAP at 4 weeks after publication. This meeting is organised by the adoption team and includes:

  • a discussion of the processes followed

  • any issues or concerns from the company's point of view

  • methods to promote implementation of the guidance

  • an update on communications and publicity to date.

7.2 Post-publication communications and publicity

After publication, the adoption team carries out activities to encourage the use of NICE resources to improve the adoption of new health technologies. These vary according to topic and may include:

  • speaking at relevant national conferences or events

  • working with the NICE field team to support engagement with networks or other activities

  • encouraging people to submit examples of shared learning.

7.3 Updating the resources and correcting errors

Adoption support resources should not need regular updates. However, updates should be considered if:

  • the relevant NICE guidance is updated

  • the relevant NICE guidance is amended

  • there is a significant error or omission that needs to be corrected.

Quality assurance of minor updates to the adoption support resources will be done by the adoption team and signed-off by the programme director.

NICE adoption support resources will be removed from the website if:

  • the relevant NICE guidance is withdrawn

  • the technology is no longer available in the UK

  • the technology has been updated such that the adoption support resource is out of date.