6 Producing and quality-assuring adoption support resources

6 Producing and quality-assuring adoption support resources

6.1 Producing the adoption support resource

The health technology adoption manager produces the first draft of the adoption support resource using information gathered from companies and from participating health and social care organisations or identified experts during topic research. This information is recorded using agreed templates and is developed during the course of the project. The templates provide the basic format and structure for adoption support resources. These have been developed so that a consistent format can be presented online. The templates are produced by the adoption team with the support of the publishing team.

6.2 Quality assurance

All adoption support resources are subject to a quality assurance process before they can be published on the NICE website.

6.2.1 Review by companies and contributors

The companies, lead members of staff from participating organisations and contributing experts are consulted on relevant sections of the first draft (this includes the communications team for NHS organisations where case studies are included).

Case study sections need to be signed-off by person nominated by the participating organisation before the document is shared more widely.

6.2.2 Internal and external review

The draft is reviewed by other members of the adoption team and the senior health technology adoption manager. It is then emailed for internal and external review to:

  • staff working in the guidance programme, the resource impact team and medicines and prescribing team at NICE

  • a selected member or members of the adoption and impact reference panel

  • a specialist advisor and/or member of the guidance committee

  • contributing health and social care professionals.

This is not a public consultation and the comments are not published on the NICE website.

6.2.3 Editing

Before NICE adoption support resources are published they are edited by the NICE publishing team to ensure the content is:

  • consistent with NICE guidance and NICE quality standards

  • consistent with NICE style

  • clear, consistent, unambiguous, grammatically correct and with correct spelling and punctuation.

6.2.4 Programme director sign-off

The programme director signs off the draft resource before it is submitted to the publication executive. This includes reviewing the content of the resource and the comments table from internal/external review.

6.2.5 Publication executive

The NICE publication executive panel considers and signs off the final draft of the NICE adoption support resource for publication.

6.3 Publishing

Once the adoption support resource has been signed-off by the NICE publication executive panel, the publishing team loads the landing page and resource onto the NICE website. A further quality and consistency check is done by the adoption team.