1 The NICE Endorsement Programme

1.1 What is endorsement?

The NICE Endorsement Programme formally endorses resources produced by external organisations that support the implementation of NICE guidance and the use of quality standards in part or in full.

NICE issues an endorsement statement for endorsed resources to the producer and displays it on the NICE website. Some examples of endorsed resources are shown in the table below.

Table 1 Examples of resources that have been endorsed

Resource name


Resource producer


Relevant NICE guideline or quality standard

My pregnancy and postnatal wellbeing plan

This wellbeing plan may help health professionals to recognise, support disclosure and to engage with women who may have mental health problems

Collaboration between: The Boots Family Trust, Tommy's, Netmums, the Royal College of Midwives and the Institute of Health Visiting

January 2015


CareFall eLearning package

CareFall covers the safe and effective management of a patient who falls in hospital

Royal College of Physicians

March 2015

CG161, CG176, QS16

Safer Nursing Care Tool

A spreadsheet which can calculate nurse staffing establishments required for the duty rota

The Shelford Group

October 2014


Examples of support resources, which are suitable for endorsement, include:

  • academic detailing aids

  • baseline assessment, benchmarking tools and audit support

  • costing tools

  • decision support tools for use at the point of care

  • implementation and adoption resources

  • learning modules/educational packages

  • patient decision aids

  • patient information produced by an Information Standard (IS) accredited organisation

  • nurse staffing/establishment requirement setting toolkits

  • support for commissioning.

For an up-to-date list of all endorsed resources, please visit NICE's endorsement webpage.

The NICE Endorsement Programme does not consider mobile applications, because endorsement of these is part of current National Information Board work programmes. The term mobile application is shorthand for digital applications, which may include mobile apps, web‑based applications or a digital service.

Other resources that will not be considered for NICE endorsement include those which act as a hub to signpost to many other resources and those produced by organisations which only support their particular product.

1.2 Benefits of endorsement

Resource producers who have their resources endorsed will benefit from having the opportunity to have their resource carry a NICE endorsement statement. Their resource will also be signposted to from the relevant NICE guidance and quality standard webpages and listed on the NICE endorsement webpage. Having their resource endorsed may also present an opportunity to work with NICE in developing their resource.

Users of endorsed resources will have the reassurance that using the resource will support implementation of the relevant NICE guidance recommendations and/or quality standard statements.

1.3 Key principles and activities of the NICE Endorsement Programme

NICE operates the NICE Endorsement Programme to a set of core principles of transparency, inclusiveness, independence, timeliness and regular review.

The key activities of the NICE Endorsement Programme are to:

  • identify resources that support the implementation of NICE guidance and the use of quality standards

  • assess applications for endorsement by NICE against set criteria

  • regularly review endorsed resources and request updates as necessary

  • ensure that the positive reputation of NICE is maintained.

1.4 Term of endorsement

Endorsement of a support resource by NICE is linked to the lifetime and review cycle of the relevant guidance recommendations or quality standard statements, unless the lifetime of the resource is shorter, or the producer significantly updates the resource. If the recommendations or statements are changed or updated after the guidance or quality standard is published, the resource will be reviewed. This may result in the resource needing to be updated, continuation of the endorsement, or termination of the endorsement.