5 Who is involved in the process?

Table 2 Key participants in the endorsement process

Resource producer

The resource producer is the endorsement applicant.

The key roles of the resource producer include:

  • submitting sufficient background information and ensuring the resource is eligible

  • payment of fee

  • if required by NICE, reviewing the assessment report prepared by the assessor and editor and providing feedback

  • considering and making any amendments requested during the assessment

  • complying with the Terms and Conditions.

NICE Accreditation and Quality Assurance Programme

The accreditation and quality assurance team provides project management support to the endorsement programme. The team engages with resource producers before, during, and after the endorsement process. They carry out an initial assessment of eligibility and ensure the background information is completed. They also handle the endorsement terms and conditions agreement between NICE and the resource producer.

NICE assessors

The assessor's role can include:

  • determining compliance with the generic endorsement questions and pre-populating the assessment with the relevant recommendations and statements

  • contributing to the assessment report based on the resource producer's background information and the resource

  • preparing the final statement if possible

  • discussing the outcome with the resource producer and providing support if additional work is recommended.

NICE editors

Editors have an in depth understanding of NICE guidance recommendations or quality standards statements and support the endorsement programme by:

  • determining compliance with the NICE recommendations or statements in question

  • contributing to the assessment report

  • finalising the endorsement statement.

NICE Public Involvement Programme

The NICE Public Involvement programme may carry out an initial filter for patient-related resources to gauge whether they are relevant for endorsement.

NICE Publication Executive

NICE Publication Executive review and approve the publication of the final endorsement statement.

Communications team

The communications team support the programme with publicity and uploading information to the website.

Finance team

The finance team support the implementation of any fees for endorsement.