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An instrument to measure quality of life in people with glaucoma:- What instrument should be used to measure health related quality of life in people with glaucoma?

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Why this is important:- Quality of life is the most important overall measure of treatment effect for patients as it measures their life experience and how their life experience is affected by interventions. Patient-reported outcome measures (PROM) are used for informing patients of the value of interventions and may affect their treatment choices. They also offer a tool for audit or service evaluation of glaucoma services, and for designing glaucoma trials.
However, uncertainty exists as to which PROM instrument should be used to measure outcomes of glaucoma interventions. A suitable instrument would be helpful to inform patients, healthcare professionals and policy makers about the effectiveness of glaucoma interventions. Identifying a valid and responsive PROM for measuring glaucoma outcomes would allow this instrument to be adopted in future clinical trials and glaucoma audits and would ensure meaningful comparisons between different interventions.

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Glaucoma: diagnosis and management
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November 2017

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Last Reviewed 30/11/2017