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Anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) and pregnancy:- What is the malformation rate and longer term neurodevelopmental outcome of children born to mothers who have taken AEDs during pregnancy?
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Why this is important:- Pregnancy registers are increasing the data that are available on established AEDs; however, these registers may give malformation rates but do not provide controlled long-term data on neurodevelopmental outcome.
The research should include:
- measures of maternal outcome, including seizure frequency and quality of life
- major and minor rates of congenital malformations prospective neurodevelopmental (including cognitive) and behavioural outcomes in children
- born to women and girls with epilepsy (these should be undertaken on a long-term basis and ideally using a cohort study, followed from birth until adult life).

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Epilepsies: diagnosis and management
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January 2012

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