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Cachexia interventions: - A cohort study followed by phase II and III studies should be undertaken in people with pancreatic cancer and cachexia or pre-cachexia, to compare cachexia assessment methods and anti-cachexia interventions with standard care.

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Why this is important:- Most people with advanced and metastatic pancreatic cancer also have cachexia. This causes severe reductions in their quality of life and is associated with reduced overall survival. Cachexia has 3 phases: pre-cachexia, cachexia and refractory cachexia. The condition cannot be stopped by conventional nutritional support and leads to progressive functional impairment. Complete or partial reversal of cachexia would cause major improvements in quality of life, and potentially improve survival if people recover enough to have more effective cancer treatments. The outcomes of interest are:
- prevention or reversal of cachexia
- overall survival
- quality of life
- pain relief
- lean tissue mass
- tolerance to treatment.

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Pancreatic cancer in adults: diagnosis and management
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February 2018

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Last Reviewed 28/02/2018