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Combined interventions for adults with social anxiety disorder:- What is the clinical and cost effectiveness of combined psychological and pharmacological interventions compared with either intervention alone in the treatment of adults with social anxiety disorder?
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Why this is important:- There is evidence for the effectiveness of both CBT and medication, in particular SSRIs, in the treatment of social anxiety disorder. However, little is known about the effects of combined
pharmacological and psychological interventions despite their widespread use. Understanding the costs and benefits of combined treatment could lead to more effective and targeted combinations if they prove to be more effective than single treatments. The study will also provide important information on the long-term benefits of medication.
This question should be addressed in a large-scale 3-arm RCT comparing the clinical and cost effectiveness of combined individual CBT and SSRI treatment with individual CBT or an SSRI alone. Trial participants receiving medication should be offered it for 1 year. The study should report short- and medium-term outcomes (including cost effectiveness) with a follow-up of at least 24 months. The primary outcome should be recovery, with important secondary outcomes being retention in treatment, experience and side effects of medication, and social and personal functioning. The study needs to be large enough to determine the presence of clinically important effects, and mediators and moderators should be investigated.

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Social anxiety disorder: recognition, assessment and treatment
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May 2013

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Last Reviewed 13/06/2013