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Does continuing beta-blocker treatment beyond 1 year after an MI improve outcomes for people with normal left ventricular systolic function?
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Why this is important:- Recent cohort studies have suggested that continuing treatment with a beta-blocker beyond a year after an acute MI may not confer any benefit to the person in terms of reduced morbidity or mortality. This is particularly relevant given recent changes in acute management strategies. While beta-blockers are valuable in reducing mortality and morbidity for up to a year after an MI, they have side effects and represent an additional treatment burden to people who are already taking many other medications. However, there is also some suggestion that there are risks associated with withdrawal of beta-blockers in this population. The balance of risks and benefits of long-term beta blockade has not been clearly determined, particularly in the context of modern
acute treatment of MI.

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Myocardial infarction: cardiac rehabilitation and prevention of further cardiovascular disease
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November 2013

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Last Reviewed 19/12/2013