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For people who have experienced suspected anaphylaxis, what is the effect on health-related quality of life of (a) referral to specialist allergy services and (b) provision of adrenaline injectors, when compared with emergency treatment alone?

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The GDG believed that referral to specialist services and/or the provision of adrenaline injectors was likely to provide day-to-day HRQoL benefit for people who have experienced suspected anaphylaxis, as a result of decreased anxiety and ongoing support. However, the health economic model relied on GDG opinion alone to quantify this benefit.

Future economic analyses would be greatly improved by a reliable demonstration of this effect and an estimate of its magnitude. It is recommended that data are collected using validated measure(s) of HRQoL, including EQ-5D.

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Anaphylaxis: assessment and referral after emergency treatment
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December 2011

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