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Effectiveness of surgery with or without multimodality treatment in N2 disease:- Patients with non-bulky single zone N2 disease should be considered for trials of surgery with or without multimodality treatment. Outcomes should include mortality and 5-year survival.
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Why this is important:- A number of randomised controlled trials have been evaluated in this guideline that have shown that surgery, as part of multimodality treatment, does not worsen prognosis in patients with N2 disease. However, these studies did not distinguish between those patients who might intuitively benefit from surgery (a limited number of nodes involved and/or a single zone affected) and those with more extensive disease and potentially less favourable biology (many nodes involved and/or multiple zones affected). Further trials are needed to establish the role of surgery in this heterogeneous group.

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Lung cancer: diagnosis and management
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April 2011

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