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How effective and cost effective are the following in terms of long-term (12 month) quit rates, and also for NHS standard, short-term quit rates (at 4 weeks and 6 months) for smokeless tobacco (confirmed by saliva cotinine test)?
- Pharmacotherapy combined with behavioural support and delivered by health professionals compared to brief advice, behavioural support or pharmacotherapy alone.
- Brief interventions (including brief advice) delivered by community members compared to brief interventions delivered by health professionals.
- Tobacco cessation services (including outreach services) that specifically focus on smokeless tobacco, compared to smokeless tobacco support provided by general tobacco cessation services.
- Training for health professionals (such as midwives, dentists and dental hygienists) to identify users of smokeless tobacco and raise awareness among them of the associated health risks.
- How does the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of the above differ by: age, gender and ethnic origin of the recipient; the status of the person delivering the intervention; the way it is delivered; its frequency, length and duration; and the setting in which it is delivered?
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Smokeless tobacco: South Asian communities
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September 2012

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