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Effectiveness of the progestogen-only pill, injectable progestogens, or progestogen implants in alleviating HMB:- How effective are the progestogen-only pill, injectable progestogens or progestogen implants in alleviating HMB?

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Why this is important:- Many women use LNG-IUS as the first-line pharmacological treatment for HMB, but it is not acceptable to all women. Combined oral contraceptives have also been shown to be effective for treating HMB, but their use is contraindicated in some women. Other progestogens used for contraception have far fewer contraindications than combined contraceptives, but their effectiveness as a treatment for HMB has not been studied.
A randomised controlled trial or cohort prospective observational study could compare the effectiveness of progestogens with other pharmacological treatments for HMB.

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Heavy menstrual bleeding: assessment and management
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March 2018

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Last Reviewed 31/03/2018