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Is an integrated care system effective at promoting successful progress for people with complex psychosis to a more independent setting?

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Transitions (recommendations 1.3.11 to 1.3.14)

There was some qualitative evidence that some service users come to services passively because it is simply where they are 'sent to' next. Being able to visit a service before a placement begins helps people to make their own decisions and to feel more at ease about making the transition.

One study showed benefit of an integrated system to support transitions. The integrated system was a team of health and social care practitioners and informal carers for each person who met weekly to coordinate care, were able to communicate through a shared IT environment, and were trained to collaborate. Because the evidence was limited to 1 randomised controlled trial and there was no detail about what aspects of the intervention were effective, the committee could only recommend exploring ways to improve the sharing of information and IT systems.

To find out more about whether an integrated system involving a multidisciplinary team might help improve transitions and people's progress through the rehabilitation pathway towards greater independence, the committee also made a research recommendation on integrated care systems.

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Rehabilitation for adults with complex psychosis
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August 2020

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Last Reviewed 01/08/2020