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Laparoscopic treatment of peritoneal endometriosis (excision or ablation):- Is laparoscopic treatment (excision or ablation) of peritoneal disease in isolation effective for
managing endometriosis-related pain?

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Why this is important:- Isolated peritoneal endometriosis can be an incidental finding in women who may or may not experience pain or other symptoms.
Research is needed to determine whether laparoscopic treatment of isolated peritoneal endometriosis in women with endometriosis-related pain results in a clinical and cost-effective improvement in symptoms.
The current literature does not provide a clear answer because the stage of endometriosis is often not sufficiently clearly defined in research studies, and the treatment modalities used are multiple and varied. The resultant amalgamation of various stages of endometriosis and variable treatment modalities leads to loss of certainty of outcome in this specific group of women.
Establishing whether treating isolated peritoneal endometriosis is cost effective is important, because this forms a large part of the workload in general gynaecology, and uses considerable resources.

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Endometriosis: diagnosis and management
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September 2017

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Last Reviewed 30/09/2017