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Maintenance treatment for people with mild to moderate ulcerative colitis:- What is the clinical and cost effectiveness of regular maintenance treatment compared with no regular treatment (but rapid standard treatment if a relapse occurs) in specific populations with mild to moderate ulcerative colitis?
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Why this is important:- Maintenance treatment reduces the chance of relapses occurring, but for much of the time a drug is being taken with no obvious benefit, and it may have side effects. An exacerbation of ulcerative colitis can usually be effectively treated or stopped if treatment is given when the first symptoms or signs of a relapse appear. It may be both clinically and cost effective to manage ulcerative colitis in this way, with people receiving episodic treatment rather than taking a drug continuously. This form of treatment may be appropriate if relatively few (for example, 1 or 2) mild relapses occur per year. The study population would be people in whom mild to moderate ulcerative colitis of any extent is in remission and who are not taking immunomodulator or biological drugs.

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Ulcerative colitis: management
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June 2013

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Last Reviewed 15/07/2013