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Aside from mast cell tryptase, which other chemical inflammatory mediators offer potential as indicators of anaphylaxis?

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Although mast cell tryptase is widely used to support the diagnosis of anaphylaxis, it is not universally suitable. Mast cell tryptase is not always elevated in children, when food is the allergen, or when the main severe feature is respiratory.

It is recommended that a cross-sectional study be carried out into the diagnostic accuracy of other potential chemical inflammatory mediators. The study should be conducted in both adults and children who have had a suspected anaphylactic reaction. The sensitivity and specificity of the proposed mediator should be compared against mast cell tryptase, using clinical assessment in conjunction with immuno-allergic study as the reference standard for both. The diagnostic accuracy of any mediator should be carried out for a range of potential allergens.

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Anaphylaxis: assessment and referral after emergency treatment
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December 2011

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