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What is the annual incidence of anaphylaxis and its related outcomes within the UK?

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Limited evidence exists on the annual incidence of anaphylactic reactions and their associated outcomes within the UK.

It is recommended that a prospective observational study be conducted that records the annual incidence of anaphylactic reactions within the UK.

The overall number of anaphylactic reactions that occur in adults and children should be recorded and these should be classified into those that are first-time reactions, recurrent reactions or biphasic reactions. A clear, pre-defined, definition of what constitutes an anaphylactic reaction should be used, in order to avoid the misclassification of milder reactions. Data should also be collected on any emergency treatment that was delivered (by a clinician, use of an adrenaline injector) and the associated outcomes (morbidity, mortality, adverse events). Data should also be collected on any previous treatment received, such as that from a specialist allergy service or the provision of adrenaline injectors.

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Anaphylaxis: assessment and referral after emergency treatment
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December 2011

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Last Reviewed 01/08/2020