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Orthostatic hypotension treatment:- For people with Parkinson's disease, what is the most effective pharmacological treatment for orthostatic hypotension?
Particular interventions and comparisons of interest are:
- midodrine compared with fludrocortisone (primary comparison)
- pyridostigmine
- ephedrine
- pseudoephedrine.

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Why this is important:- The guideline committee felt that orthostatic hypotension was an important practical problem, common in people with Parkinson's disease and a contributor to falls and injuries. The current best pharmacological treatment is not yet established and research in this area would help to determine this. The randomised controlled trials that have previously been undertaken have only provided low-quality evidence (because of both small sample sizes and weaknesses in the trial designs) and cover only a subset of the comparisons of interest, making future research in this area of value.

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Parkinson’s disease in adults
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July 2017

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Last Reviewed 31/07/2017