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Physiotherapy:- Does physiotherapy started early in the course of Parkinson's disease, as opposed to after motor symptom onset, confer benefits in terms of delaying symptom onset and/or reducing severity?

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Why this is important:- The guideline committee felt that physiotherapy was beneficial for those earlier in the course of the disease as it may delay or lessen problems associated with symptoms, as well as for those who have developed symptoms and problems. At present, no substantial evidence exists to support the efficacy of physiotherapy as an early intervention to prevent the onset or reduce severity of motor symptoms, because most of the trials have been conducted in people who have already developed motor symptoms.
If physiotherapy were shown to have a beneficial effect in either delaying the onset or decreasing the severity of symptoms, this would have a substantial beneficial impact on the quality of life of people with Parkinson's disease and their family and carers. Relevant trials would not compare physiotherapy with no physiotherapy, but rather early physiotherapy (at the time of diagnosis) with physiotherapy offered at the current standard times in the UK.

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Parkinson’s disease in adults
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July 2017

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Last Reviewed 31/07/2017