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Predictive accuracy of the PARCA-R for children born preterm:- What is the accuracy of the parent-completed Parent Report of Children's Abilities – Revised
(PARCA-R) questionnaire carried out at age 2 years (corrected) for predicting learning disability (intellectual disability), language impairment and special educational needs at age 4 years (uncorrected) for children born preterm?

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Why this is important:- Parent-completed questionnaires such as the PARCA-R are used to identify children at risk of developmental problems and disorders. Although the PARCA-R has good diagnostic accuracy for identifying children at risk of concurrent developmental problems at age 2 years (corrected), its accuracy for predicting later risk of learning disability (intellectual disability), language impairment and learning difficulties is not known. Improved identification and provision of interventions are
expected to lead to improved developmental outcomes for children born preterm.

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Developmental follow-up of children and young people born preterm
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August 2017

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Last Reviewed 31/08/2017