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NICE may update this guidance after 3 years or sooner if important new information becomes available, including evidence on:

  • the epidemiology of CJD, including data on the prevalence of CJD and its infectivity in the UK population
  • the transmission of CJD by surgical instruments, including cases of CJD in which surgery is a possible route of transmission
  • the cost effectiveness of single-use instruments for use in interventional procedures on high-risk tissues
  • commercially available decontmination methods that are safe and cost effective against prions
  • the systems for, and cost effectiveness of, maintaining set integrity and traceability of instruments.
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Reducing the risk of transmission of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD) from surgical instruments used for interventional procedures on high-risk tissues
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January 2020

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Last Reviewed 31/01/2020