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The committee recommends more research on:

  • the accuracy of PredictSURE IBD and IBDX tests in identifying people at high or low risk of following a severe course of Crohn's disease
  • how PredictSURE IBD and IBDX tests, when used alongside clinical features, affect clinical decisions about whether step-up or top-down treatment is offered
  • the clinical outcomes and costs resulting from a top-down treatment strategy compared with a step-up treatment strategy
  • how PredictSURE IBD and IBDX tests affect clinical outcomes once someone has been assigned to top-down or step-up treatment, considering the different pathways that children and adults may follow.
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PredictSURE IBD and IBDX to guide treatment of Crohn’s disease
Date issued
February 2022

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Last Reviewed 28/02/2022