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Education and training programmes: self-management:- What is the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of education programmes to improve information and advice and to support self-management of chronic health conditions (for example, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease) for people growing older with learning disabilities, and their family members and carers?

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Why this is important:- Evidence suggests that people growing older with learning disabilities value the medical knowledge and authority of health professionals. There is a small amount of evidence that practitioners could play a greater role in providing education and advice to support self-management of health conditions in people with learning disabilities. There is also evidence that families and carers play a central role in supporting and advising people with learning disabilities about their health
conditions and promoting healthier lifestyle choices.
There is currently a lack of information about the cost effectiveness of such education programmes. However, there is evidence that people with learning disabilities are more likely to have missed appointments with health professionals, do not have optimal medication management and have problems to access to healthcare more broadly, all of which can have costly consequences; some of those might be avoided or reduced through self-management.
Comparative effectiveness and cost-effectiveness studies are needed to evaluate the impact of education programmes to support self-management for people with learning disabilities. These need to be supplemented with studies exploring the views and experiences of people with learning disabilities, including those from minority backgrounds, and their families, carers and practitioners, on the accessibility and acceptability of different approaches to supporting self-management and communicating health messages.

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Care and support of people growing older with learning disabilities
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April 2018

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