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Midcarpal hemiarthroplasty for wrist arthritis (IPG663)

Evidence-based recommendations on midcarpal hemiarthroplasty (using a metal implant to create an artificial wrist joint) for wrist arthritis in adults

Interventional procedures guidance Published October 2019

Aortic valve reconstruction with processed bovine pericardium (IPG604)

Evidence-based recommendations on aortic valve reconstruction with processed bovine pericardium (using new valve made from chemically treated cow pericardium)

Interventional procedures guidance Published February 2018

Prostate cancer: diagnosis and management (NG131)

This guideline covers the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer in secondary care, including information on the best way to diagnose and identify different stages of the disease, and how to manage adverse effects of treatment. It also includes recommendations on follow-up in primary care for people diagnosed with prostate cancer.

NICE guideline Published May 2019

Patient group directions (MPG2)

This guideline covers good practice for developing, authorising, using and updating patient group directions. It also offers advice on deciding whether a patient group direction is needed.

Medicines practice guideline Published August 2013 Last updated March 2017

Tuberculosis (NG33)

This guideline covers preventing, identifying and managing latent and active tuberculosis (TB) in children, young people and adults. It aims to improve ways of finding people who have TB in the community and recommends that everyone under 65 with latent TB should be treated. It describes how TB services should be organised, including the role of the TB control board.

NICE guideline Published January 2016 Last updated September 2019