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  1. Involved & informed: good community medicines support

    The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), in collaboration with several other partner organisations, has launched a new initiative to encourage better medicines support for people who are receiving social care services in their homes.

  2. New lung cancer treatment option approved by NICE

    Another new life-extending treatment for some people with lung cancer is to be made available on the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) following its approval by NICE in draft guidance published today (8 August 2019).

  3. NICE to retire Guidance app

    Following improved access and optimisation of the website, the NICE guidance app will no longer be available for download with plans to phase it out by January 2019.

  4. NICE during the pre-election period

    As a public body, NICE is required to follow civil service principles on communicating during the lead up to the general election.