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  1. NICE Connect

    To help people access the information they need quickly and easily, we're reviewing how we produce and present guidance.

  2. NICE Evidence Services issues

    The information below provides a summary of known issues and upcoming changes related to NICE Evidence Services. This information will be updated...

  3. Provider information

    Provider grid Details of the Content Resources and services offered by appointed Providers under the NICE Electronic and Print Content Framework ....

  4. Blackwells

    Provider name: Blackwells Lot details Lot 2 Agent - Print Books, Electronic Books Provider helpdesk Customer Account

  5. Elsevier

    Provider name: Elsevier Lot details Lot 1 Electronic Journals, Electronic Books, Databases, Aggregated Evidence Resource Summaries, Point

  6. SAGE

    Provider name: SAGE Lot details Lot 2 - Print journals, Electronic journals Provider helpdesk Customer account manager:

  7. Tomlinsons

    Provider name: Tomlinsons Lot details Lot 2 Agent - Print Books Provider helpdesk Customer account manager: Naaz

  8. Waterstones

    Provider name: Waterstones Lot details Lot 2 Agent - Print Books Provider helpdesk Customer Account Manager - Michelle

  9. Wiley

    Provider name: Wiley Lot details Lot 1 - Print Journals, Electronic Journals, Print Books, Electronic Books Lot 2 - Print Journals, Electronic

  10. Citizens Council

    The Citizens Council is a panel of 30 members of the public that largely reflect the demographic characteristics of the UK. Councillors are recruited...

  11. Appeal panel membership

    Non-executive directors Tim Irish Vice Chair More about Tim Tim has worked in the life sciences industry for thirty years. His career has spanned

  12. What we do

    Role and responsibilities of the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence

  13. Into practice

    Tools and resources to help you implement guidance and quality standards at work.

  14. Scientific advice

    Advice from NICE to help you generate evidence to inform future NICE evaluations and to enable market access

  15. Frequently asked questions

    Why seek advice? Our evaluation programmes require certain types of evidence about the technology being appraised. Our advice ensures that your...

  16. Tailored Resources

    We've produced resources to support our social care guidelines and quality standards. The resources contain key messages and are designed to help you...

  17. Diagnosis and staging

    The section of the NICE impact lung cancer report looking at the diagnosis and staging process of lung cancer care.

  18. Policies and procedures

    Our procedures and policies - includes complaints, declarations of interest and data protection policies.

  19. Data collection agreement

    This agreement relates to: Tezacaftor and ivacaftor (Symkevi®) in combination with ivacaftor (kalydeco) for treating cystic fibrosis patients who are

  20. Technology appraisal processes

    We use 3 processes for assessing technologies: the single technology appraisal, the multiple technology appraisal and the fast track appraisal.

  21. Block scoping reports

    Listed below are the highly specialised technology evaluation block scoping reports which have been submitted to the Department of Health and Social...