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  1. Hospital care

    NICE's impact on hospital stays, delays in leaving hospital and independent living

  2. Social care

    NICE's impact on the experience that people with dementia have of care and support services

  3. Supporting carers

    How NICE's guidance has impacted on supporting carers of adults with dementia

  4. NICE guidance

    We use the best available evidence to develop recommendations that guide decisions in health, public health and social care. As well as considering...

  5. Diagnostics guidance static list

    The following NICE published diagnostics assessments have been transferred to the static list. Guidance is moved to the static list following...

  6. NICE guidelines

    NICE guidelines are evidence-based recommendations for health and care in England.

  7. Partnership working

    We have a continuing role in enabling the implementation of the vision and commitments set out in the Five Year Forward View (5YFV).

  8. OpenAthens

    What is OpenAthens? An OpenAthens account allows you to access a range of quality information online. Users can access Healthcare Databases Advanced...

  9. Public Health Advisory Committees

    Public Health Advisory Committees (PHACs) are the standing committees responsible for the development of NICE public health guidance. Each PHAC...

  10. NICE Evidence Services issues

    The information below provides a summary of known issues and upcoming changes related to NICE Evidence Services. This information will be updated...

  11. Committee B members

    Find out more about the NICE technology appraisal advisory committee B members and their registered interests

  12. Scholars

    Scholarships are one year opportunities to improve quality of care and contribute to your professional development

  13. Indicator Advisory Committee (IAC)

    We work with an independent Indicator Advisory Committee (IAC) to develop indicators suitable for potential inclusion in the Quality and Outcomes...

  14. Get involved

    We want you to tell us what matters to you, your organisation or your community.

  15. EUnetHTA multi-HTA advice

    Designed for developers of medicinal products and other similarly regulated technologies. Receive advice from NICE and various other European Health...

  16. Public Involvement Programme

    We support the involvement of people who use services, carers, members of the public and organisations who represent their interests across NICE. Our