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Commissioning for Quality in Rheumatoid Arthritis (CQRA)

Shared learning Published January 2012

Physiotherapy Low Back Pain Drop-in Services

Shared learning Published February 2011

Supporting NICE hypertension guidance

Shared learning Published January 2012

Surgical Site Infection in Orthopaedic Services

Shared learning Published January 2014

Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Holistic Care Pathway

Shared learning Published June 2019

Derby Dementia Support Service

Shared learning Published September 2013

Safe prescribing of high-risk drugs

Shared learning Published October 2019

Paediatric Urgent Care Pathways

Shared learning Published May 2014

Multi-disciplinary pathway development for individual with dementia and a learning disability

A multi-disciplinary working group was set up to look at how the NICE guidance for dementia should be applied to adults with a learning disability.

Shared learning Published October 2008

Embedding NICE guidance into GPSOC clinical systems

Shared learning Published January 2017

Enhancing the Quality of Heart Failure Care

Shared learning Published January 2017

Management of Hypertension in Pregnancy

Shared learning Published December 2016