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  1. Buy books, journals and databases

    The NICE Electronic and Print Content Framework Agreement - enables the NHS and other health and social care related organisations to buy medical and healthcare related content.

  2. Past appeals and decisions

    Down to Rejected appeals Cancelled appeals Past appeals TA ID Appraisal short title Appeal hearing date TA111 Alzheimer´s

  3. Topic selection

    How we select the subjects for development into information, advice and guidance

  4. Brand guidelines

    This is an overview of the NICE brand identity incorporating who we are, what we do, and the values underpinning our work. Who we are NICE is the...

  5. Diagnostics advisory committee

    Our diagnostics assessment recommendations are prepared by an independent advisory committee called the diagnostics advisory committee (DAC). Standing

  6. Scientific advice

    Advice from NICE to help you generate evidence to inform future NICE evaluations and to enable market access

  7. Changes to how we work

    Find out about how NICE has changed its methods of producing guidance during the coronavirus pandemic.

  8. EBSCO

    Provider name: EBSCO Lot details Lot 1 - Databases, Aggregated Evidence Resource Summaries, Point of Care (PoC) Tools Lot 2 - Electronic

  9. Public health advisory committees

    Public health advisory committees (PHACs) are the standing committees responsible for the development of our public health guidance. Each committee...

  10. Shared Learning Awards

    Excellent examples of how NICE guidance and standards have been put into practice in the NHS, local authorities, voluntary sector and other organisations.

  11. Diagnostics guidance static list

    The following published diagnostics assessments have been transferred to the static list. Guidance is moved to the static list following consultation

  12. MTA process timeline

    These are the main stages in multiple technology appraisals process. Timings are approximate. For a full description of the appraisal process see our

  13. Endorsement

    Formally endorses resources produced by external organisations that support the implementation of NICE guidance and the use of quality standards.

  14. Board committees

    Audit and risk committee The audit and risk committee provides an independent, objective review of arrangements for internal control within NICE. The

  15. Patient access schemes liaison unit

    Patient access schemes and the Patient Access Liaison Unit When assessing new drugs and treatments, we look at the cost of the treatment and the...

  16. Committee C members

    Find out more about the members of TAC C by reading their biographies. Professor Stephen G O'Brien BSc (Hons) PhD MBChB FRCP MRCPath Chair Professor

  17. Partnership working

    We have a continuing role in enabling the implementation of the vision and commitments set out in the Five Year Forward View (5YFV).

  18. OpenAthens

    What is OpenAthens? An OpenAthens account allows you to access a range of quality information online. Users can access Healthcare Databases Advanced...

  19. Shared learning case studies

    Working examples of quality improvement in health and social care services. Quality improvement, efficiency changes, cost savings, good practice, shared learning.

  20. Privacy notice

    How we collect and use your personal information, and your rights under data protection legislation