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  1. Audit and service improvement

    Resources to help with planning ahead for NICE guidance, understanding where you are now, and conducting improvement initiatives.

  2. Osteoarthritis

    Everything NICE has said on the care and management of osteoarthritis in adults in an interactive flowchart

  3. Resource impact of NICE guidance

    We estimate the costs or savings (budget impact) associated with technologies and guidelines so you can plan for and implement guidance.

  4. Safe prescribing of high-risk drugs

    high-risk drugs is implemented via individually designed templates for such drugs. These templates are short, concise and...

  5. Prostate cancer: diagnosis and management (NG131)

    This guideline covers the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer in secondary care, including information on the best way to diagnose and identify different stages of the disease, and how to manage adverse effects of treatment. It also includes recommendations on follow-up in primary care for people diagnosed with prostate cancer.

  6. NICE-CADTH scientific advice

    Developers of medicinal products can seek parallel scientific advice from NICE and the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technology in Health (CADTH).

  7. Standard scientific advice

    requirements for the briefing book submission. Download the briefing book template for: pharmaceutical companies (Word doc) medtech...

  8. Prostate cancer

    Everything NICE has said on diagnosing and treating prostate cancer in an interactive flowchart

  9. Information for Students

    questionnaire). The template for this will be provided. write a short report outlining your experiences as a student champion. A report...

  10. Accessibility

    Details about how accessible NICE services are and who to contact for alternative versions of information

  11. Student Champions

    their facilitation skills upon completion of a short reflective report template, receive a certificate of participation signed by the...

  12. Express scientific advice

    is the key document that the project is centred around. A briefing book template for pharmaceutical companies is available for you to...

  13. NICE-MHRA scientific advice

    is the key document that the project is centred around. A briefing book template for pharmaceutical companies is available for you to...

  14. A Medicines Optimisation Service

    the service, helping them to recruit appropriate staff and developing a template for the clinical system EMIS Web to record the...

  15. Involving you

    to discuss in the meeting. Personal statements are produced using a template which we will email to you (statements are published on...

  16. Endorsement

    Formally endorses resources produced by external organisations that support the implementation of NICE guidance and the use of quality standards.

  17. Implementing NICE guidance

    initiatives. View the tools Resource impact reports and templates Our reports and templates help you implement our guidance...

  18. Into practice

    Tools and resources to help you implement guidance and quality standards at work.

  19. The New Faecal Calprotectin Care Pathway

    implementation pack for CCGs and GPs including: Template business cases for CCGs and Trusts Downloadable pathway templates...

  20. Frequently asked questions

    us for a copy of: the preliminary questions form the briefing book template and guidance. How much does it cost? The price will be...

  21. Medicines Optimisation for Neuropathic Pain

    pregabalin for any other indication for review using a standard data collection template. The review was focused on the following areas:...