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  1. Safe staffing for nursing in adult inpatient wards in acute hospitals (SG1)

    This guideline covers organisational and managerial approaches to safe nurse staffing of inpatient wards for people aged 18 and over in acute hospitals. It aims to ensure that patients receive the nursing care they need, regardless of the ward to which they are allocated, the time of the day, or the day of the week.

  2. Safe midwifery staffing for maternity settings (NG4)

    This guideline covers safe midwifery staffing in all maternity settings, including at home, in the community, in day assessment units, in obstetric units, and in units led by midwives (both alongside hospitals and free-standing). It aims to improve maternity care by giving advice on monitoring staffing levels and actions to take if there are not enough midwives to meet the needs of women and babies in the service.

  3. ICON for midwives (PDF)

    Publications approval reference: 001559 NHS England and NHS Improvement Specialty guides for patient management during the coronavirus pandemic

  4. Maintaining immunisation programmes (PDF)

    Publications approval reference: 001559 Maintaining routine immunisation programmes during COVID-19 November 2020, updated June 2021 General...

  5. Management of anticoagulant services (PDF)

    Publications approval reference: 001559 Specialty guides for patient management during the coronavirus pandemic Clinical guide for the management

  6. Management of stroke patients (Word)

    Specialty guides for patient management during the COVID-19 pandemicClinical guide for the management of stroke patients during the COVID-19...

  7. Clinical guide to surgical prioritisation

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