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Medicines management assistants: to reduce medicine wastage

The destruction of wasted medicines is a huge problem within hospitals and is very costly to the NHS. Traditionally, unused medicines are sent by...

QP Case Study Published August 2016

Medicines optimisation peer review: improving prescribing and lowering costs

It can be difficult for prescribers to keep abreast of the large volume of relevant guidance and research. They must identify important new...

QP Case Study Published September 2016

Community triage for lower limb vascular concerns: reducing the burden on hospitals

The Salford lower limb vascular assessment and triage service provides assessments, diagnosis and clinical management plans for patients with...

QP Case Study Published October 2016

Improving and maintaining medicines reconciliation on admission

North Bristol NHS Trust is a trust in South West England. It has approximately 1,000 beds, and treats about 70,000 patients annually via elective and

QP Case Study Published November 2016

Think twice, ask once: reducing preventable waste in theatre

A baseline assessment of current practice of use of hospital supplies in 2 surgical theatres was carried out. An initiative to preduce preventable...

QP Case Study Published January 2017

Liverpool Healthy Homes: Delivering sustainable house and housing improvements

The Liverpool Healthy Homes Programme (LHHP) aims to deliver sustainable health and housing improvements and reduce the burden on NHS care by...

QP Case Study Published April 2017

Centralised Nurse-led Vascular Access Team within Radiology

A centralised, nurse-led vascular access team has been funded and set up. Three nurses within the Radiology Department at Leicester Royal Infirmary

QP Case Study Published November 2016

Chemotherapy production: Reducing patient waiting times and increasing efficiency

Musgrove Park Hospital has a 14-bed oncology ward, a 12-bed haematology ward and a chemotherapy day unit with 19 chairs. The hospital provides these

QP Case Study Published July 2016

Cost and risk management in critical care: reducing the use of colloids

n the past, colloid fluid therapy was used as the primary resuscitation fluid in critically ill people. Increasing evidence (in this case from the...

QP Case Study Published October 2015

Supply chain management and collaboration: cardiology device procurement

This initiative helps organisations within a large geographical area (in this case the South West) to smooth price differentials while maintaining...

QP Case Study Published November 2015

BRAFV600E mutation testing for thyroid cancer: avoiding unnecessary surgery

Patients may have surgery to remove all or part of their thyroid gland if cytological examination results suggest they have thyroid cancer....

QP Case Study Published December 2015

Electronic blood transfusion: Improving safety and efficiency of transfusion systems

Transfusion errors are an important, avoidable, serious hazard. Wrong transfusion is one of the two leading causes of death from transfusion reported

QP Case Study Published February 2016

Alcohol Care Teams: to reduce acute hospital admissions and improve quality of care

The second review of this case study has been undertaken. Additional information about implementation of the initiative has been added for the lead...

QP Case Study Published March 2016

Management of urinary incontinence in women

Urinary incontinence is a common symptom that can affect women of all ages, with a wide range of severity and nature. Offering patients adequate and

QP Case Study Published February 2016

Mechanical thrombectomy for large vessel occlusion stroke: improving clinical outcomes and reducing cost

Outcomes for patients presenting with severe stroke because of large vessel occlusion have not improved much over recent years. Mechanical...

QP Case Study Published March 2016

Cardiovascular disease: integrated care pilot to improve patient outcomes closer to home

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) funded and evaluated a 2- year project at 9 NHS organisations across the UK. This case study is based on the East...

QP Case Study Published May 2016

Improving the quality of care for men with lower urinary tract symptoms: shared decision making

The purpose of the initiative was to improve the quality of care for men with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). Clinical peer review was focused

QP Case Study Published July 2016

Wireless working in hospitals: Improving efficiency and safety of out-of hours

Coordination and communication between hospital wards and team members has been a major issue locally and nationally. Standard pager and landline

QP Case Study Published March 2016

Improving diagnosis and quality of care for people with IBS across Somerset

In 2011, a multidisciplinary group including representatives from primary and secondary care assessed the implementation of NICE's IBS guidance (...

QP Case Study Published July 2016

Crisis response falls team: reducing admissions and repeat falls

Falls-related calls make up about 20% of all calls received by the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS); approximately 90,000 calls per year....

QP Case Study Published September 2016

Ensuring appropriate use of monitored dosage systems: reducing unnecessary pharmacy workload

This initiative aims to reduce the inappropriate use of monitored dosage systems by ensuring they are only issued on a case-by-case basis to address

QP Case Study Published July 2016

Home administration of intravenous diuretics to heart failure patients: Increasing productivity and improving quality of care

Originally a 2-year pilot programme to assess safe and effective ways for specialist nursing teams to administer intravenous (IV) diuretics to people

QP Case Study Published July 2016

Podiatry education to empower patients to self-care

Many surveys have reported a high number of people suffering from foot problems. According to Farndon et al (2006) the type of foot conditions...

QP Case Study Published July 2015

Template reports for radiology cancer staging: improving information to guide treatment decisions

This initiative uses templates to record tumour staging information from magnetic resonance (MR) investigations. The information provided

QP Case Study Published July 2015

Commissioning for Quality in Rheumatoid Arthritis (CQRA)

Shared learning Published January 2012

Physiotherapy Low Back Pain Drop-in Services

Shared learning Published February 2011

Governance of NICE Implementation: Our Journey

Shared learning Published April 2018

Oldham Exercise Falls Prevention Service

Shared learning Published February 2018