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Counselling in primary care a low cost educational model

Shared learning Published September 2009

Community engagement to increase childhood immunisations

Shared learning Published January 2012

Delivering Better Oral Health: Prevention in Practice Award

Shared learning Published December 2015

Delivering QIPP through NICE

Shared learning Published February 2011

East Riding Health Trainer Service

Shared learning Published July 2013

Division of Ankyloglossia (Tongue Tie) For Breastfeeding

Shared learning Published August 2011

Don't Just Screen - Intervene.

Shared learning Published January 2014

Enhanced access to endoscopy at the Royal Bolton

Shared learning Published May 2012

Engaging GPs in the delivery of NICE audit

Shared learning Published January 2011

Good Practice in Service User Involvement Training

Shared learning Published April 2012

Intelligent auscultation- 'listen' for fetal wellbeing

Shared learning Published November 2014

Introducing techniques and medical devices

Shared learning Published January 2013

IPED Peer Exchange scheme

Shared learning Published March 2014

Isle of Wight Respiratory Inhaler Project

Shared learning Published February 2011

Keeping patients warm (NICE guideline CG65)

Shared learning Published November 2012

Joint Agreement & Implementation

Shared learning Published August 2009

Establishing an ADHD team with specialist nurses (ADHD)

Shared learning Published December 2012

Getting to the heart of acute kidney injury at Papworth

Shared learning Published March 2015