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'Quality Standards-the heart of effective pathways'

Shared learning Published December 2011

Specialist Reporting of Paediatric Neuroimaging

Shared learning Published February 2013

Occupational therapy and the promotion of mental wellbeing.

Shared learning Published September 2009

Yorkshire and the Humber Hepatitis Project

Shared learning Published April 2013

VTE Risk Assessment Tool and supporting documents

Shared learning Published May 2008

Pan-Lancashire Safer Sleeping Guidance for Children

Shared learning Published October 2015

NICE Compliance Database

Shared learning Published September 2009

NICE care - preventing venous thromboembolism

Shared learning Published January 2012

NICE Do not Do prompts

Shared learning Published December 2013

NICE Quality Standards for service reviews

Shared learning Published January 2013

NICEr management of urinary tract infection in children

Shared learning Published September 2009

NICE Implementation Database

Shared learning Published January 2009

North Bristol NICE Junior Doctor Electronic Toolbox

Shared learning Published September 2009

Opioids in Palliative Care-A Patient Manual and Diary

Shared learning Published January 2013

Whittington Health Pharmacy Re-ablement Service

Shared learning Published March 2015

Winter Warmth Pilot with Public Health England (PHE)

Shared learning Published April 2016

Using Public Health Intervention as an educational tool

Shared learning Published August 2009

Using Quality Standards to support improvement

Shared learning Published January 2014

Using Quality Standards on Stroke in Quality Accounts

Shared learning Published January 2012