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  1. OSNA for colon cancer staging (MIB77)

    Advice on the use of OSNA in vitro diagnostic molecular assay system for staging colon cancer to aid local decision-making

  2. Hemosep for cell salvage (MIB103)

    MIB103 No intro Summary The technology described in this briefing is Hemosep. It is used for cell salvage and

  3. Mollii suit for spasticity (MIB100)

    Advice on the use of Mollii suit (formerly Elektrodress; a therapeutic electrical stimulation jacket and trousers) for spasticity to aid local decision-making

  4. Hyperhidrosis: oxybutynin (ES10)

    Summary of the evidence on oxybutynin for treating hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) to inform local NHS planning and decision-making

  5. Renin-angiotensin system drugs: dual therapy (KTT2)

    The key therapeutic topic renin-angiotensin system drugs: dual therapy has been retired from the 2017 update of medicines optimisation: key therapeutic topics. The version published in 2016 is available here for information but it has not been updated since February 2016. Like all the other key therapeutic topics it is not formal NICE guidance .