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  1. Smartinhaler for asthma (MIB90)

    Advice on the use of Smartinhaler for monitoring the activation of asthma inhalers to aid local decision-making

  2. FLEXISEQ for osteoarthritis (MIB80)

    Advice on the use of FLEXISEQ for treating the symptoms of osteoarthritis to aid local decision-making

  3. EpiFix for chronic wounds (MIB139)

    Advice on the use of EpiFix (an allograft comprising dehydrated human amnion/chorion membrane tissue/dHACM) for chronic wounds to aid local decision-making

  4. InterDry for intertrigo (MIB192)

    Advice on the use of InterDry for intertrigo (inflammatory skin rash) to aid local decision making

  5. Mollii suit for spasticity (MIB100)

    Advice on the use of Mollii suit (formerly Elektrodress; a therapeutic electrical stimulation jacket and trousers) for spasticity to aid local decision-making

  6. Hemosep for cell salvage (MIB103)

    MIB103 No intro Summary The technology described in this briefing is Hemosep. It is used for cell salvage and