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  1. Shaping my career

    Sam talks about how being a NICE Scholar inspired him.

  2. Shining a light on vitamin D

    Melissa talks us through the highs and lows of entering the NICE Shared Learning Awards

  3. Should I be taking statins?

    Andy Hutchinson, from the NICE Medicines and Prescribing Centre, explains how a new patient decision aid can help you make up your mind whether or not to take a statin to help reduce your risk of having a heart attack or developing angina.

  4. Small budgets, big ideas

    Emily tells us about a new competition that NICE Scientific Advice are running for small and medium sized companies, charities, and academic research groups.

  5. Staying home to get better

    Melissa has woken up with a cold. She feels terrible, but she thinks she should still attend her university classes.

  6. Sugar and spice, and all things NICE

    Young people living in the UK have a much higher risk of dying from diabetes than those who call France, or the USA home.

  7. Take your move

    Sandra, a carer who helped develop the NICE mental health transitions guideline, shares her experience of moving her mum out of hospital and into a care home.

  8. The 5 most viewed NICE 'do not do' recommendations

    The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges recently described our 'do not do' database as an excellent resource. The database allows you to search for recommendations that we've made on a clinical practice that should either be discontinued or not used routinely within the NHS. Take a look at the top 5 recommendations:

  9. The global crisis of depression

    Chair of NICE Professor David Haslam reflects on the worldwide effects of mental health, and the importance of treating depression as any other disease.

  10. The importance of 3 full cycles of IVF

    Fertility and IVF were in the news a lot last week, after we published advice on quality care for people with fertility problems, and Fertility Fairness reported a significant variation in the provision of treatment in England.

  11. The NICE way to Stop the Pressure

    This November is Stop the Pressure Month, a NHS England led campaign that raises awareness of preventing and managing pressure ulcers. Professor Gerard Stansby, Chair of the NICE pressure ulcers guideline group, outlines the role NICE's guidance can play in preventing pressure ulcers.

  12. In the real world

    The type of evidence we use to make decisions is a hotly contested topic — and rightly so.

  13. Learning to lead

    Carley shares her experiences of the NICE scholarship programme.

  14. NICE approves drug for treatment of chronic heart failure

    GPs with a specialist interest in heart failure and other healthcare professionals can now use ivabradine (Procoralan) as an option for the treatment of people with chronic heart failure, following latest guidance from NICE.

  15. NICE approves kidney cancer drug for NHS use

    Patients with advanced kidney cancer will have routine NHS access to the drug everolimus following recommendations by NICE, rather than apply to the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF).