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NICE calls for further research on management options for tinnitus

Higher quality evidence would allow NICE to make recommendations on a range of therapies that could help people with tinnitus.

News Published September 2019 Last updated September 2019

Offer digital CBT to young people with mild depression, NICE says

Children and young people can be offered digital cognitive behavioural therapy (digital CBT, also known as computer CBT) as a first-line treatment for mild depression.

News Published January 2019 Last updated January 2019

Therapy offered within one month to prevent PTSD, says NICE

People who have suffered trauma and are at risk of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) should be offered therapy within one month, NICE says in new draft guidance.

News Published June 2018 Last updated June 2018

Women with symptoms of menopause should not suffer in silence

Women whose lives are being affected by the symptoms menopause should not feel they have to suffer in silence, says NICE.

News Published November 2015 Last updated November 2015

Charity calls for greater implementation of NICE guidelines on psychosis and schizophrenia

Commissioners should ensure greater implementation of the NICE guideline on psychosis and schizophrenia, according to one mental health charity.

News Published May 2014 Last updated May 2014

Avoid drug treatment for children and young people with moderate ADHD

NICE advises against using drugs as a first-line treatment for children and young people with moderate attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), as latest figures suggest a sharp rise in the number of drugs prescribed for the condition.

News Published August 2013 Last updated August 2013

More support needed for carers of people with bipolar disorder

More support should be to be given to carers of people with bipolar disorder to help them cope with challenging behaviour, says NICE.

News Published September 2014 Last updated September 2014

New quality standard on psychosis and schizophrenia

NICE’s new quality standard on psychosis and schizophrenia sets out eight quality statements designed to improve the care of adults living with the disorders.

News Published February 2015 Last updated February 2015

New standard to improve the care of people with personality disorders

NICE's new quality standard on personality disorders includes seven statements to improve the treatment and care of people with the conditions.

News Published June 2015 Last updated June 2015

Offer psychological interventions for anxiety disorders

People with a suspected anxiety disorder, such as post-traumatic stress or obsessive compulsive disorder, should be offered psychological interventions as a first-line treatment, as set out in new NICE standards.

News Published February 2014 Last updated February 2014

Offer talking therapies to people at risk of psychosis and schizophrenia

People considered to be at increased risk of psychosis should be offered cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) as opposed to antipsychotic medication, according to updated guidelines from NICE.

News Published February 2014 Last updated February 2014

Spot signs of psychosis and schizophrenia early, says NICE

The signs of psychosis and schizophrenia in children and young people need to be identified early to help ensure they receive the treatment and care they need to live with the condition, says NICE.

News Published January 2013 Last updated January 2013

Patients with psychosis should be offered therapy

Clinical Commissioning Groups should commission services for people with schizophrenia and psychosis in line with NICE guidelines, including the use of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for psychosis, say experts.

News Published November 2012 Last updated November 2012

Prompt diagnosis of social anxiety disorder leads to effective treatment

A prompt diagnosis of social anxiety disorder is crucial in ensuring people access the most clinical and cost effective treatment, according to NICE.

News Published May 2013 Last updated May 2013

New online and mobile app for depression should be trialled on the NHS, says NICE

NICE says that online and mobile programme Deprexis could help adults with depression get faster access to care and it should be tested out in NHS services.

News Published January 2018 Last updated January 2018

People with eating disorders benefit from specialist CBT and self-help programmes, says NICE

Adults with eating disorders could benefit from specialised cognitive behavioural therapy which aims to help patients better understand their condition, the new NICE draft quality standard says.

News Published November 2017 Last updated November 2017