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Project to improve management of painful bowel condition wins 2016 Shared Learning Award

A project that improved the management of a painful bowel condition, and reduced hospital referrals in Somerset has won this year’s 2016 NICE Shared Learning Award.

News Published July 2016 Last updated July 2016

The votes have been counted and verified…

Deborah tells us how the judging panel have whittled the NICE shared learning award entries down from 64 to a shortlist of 20.

News Published April 2017 Last updated April 2017

My laundry list of health conditions

Sam Barnett-Cormack, a patient who helped develop the multimorbidity guideline, blogs about what it's like to manage multiple long-term health conditions

News Published September 2016 Last updated September 2016

Helping recognise early symptoms of ovarian cancer

NICE has launched a quality standard to help with recognising the early symptoms of ovarian cancer.

News Published May 2012 Last updated May 2012

Supporting patients with gastrointestinal problems: better pathway, better outcomes

Victoria Hilton and her team, finalists of the NICE Shared Learning Awards, tell us about an improved care pathway to support better outcomes for patients with gastrointestinal problems

News Published May 2018 Last updated May 2018

Simple tests could help diagnose serious bowel conditions

A simple stool test could help GPs decide whether patients have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or other more serious bowel conditions.

News Published October 2013 Last updated October 2013

£3 a day drug for irritable bowel syndrome gets NICE approval

The drug, Truberzi has been recommended for routine funding on the NHS to treat patients with irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhoea (IBS-D).

News Published July 2017 Last updated July 2017