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Another treatment option for ovarian cancer approved for the Cancer Drugs Fund

An ovarian cancer treatment, designed to help maintain the effects of chemotherapy, has been approved by NICE for use in the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF).

News Published October 2019 Last updated October 2019

NICE looks to company to ensure a new treatment for advanced breast cancer with significant unmet need is cost-effective

Draft guidance published today (3 October 2019) by NICE does not recommend atezolizumab (also called Tecentriq and made by Roche) for treating people with a type of breast cancer called triple A breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body and who can’t have surgery to remove it.

News Published October 2019 Last updated October 2019

More than one thousand neonatal admissions could be avoided per year by following NICE guidance

Regularly monitoring women who are pregnant with twins or triplets, to spot any possible complications, can lead to better outcomes for mothers and their babies, as highlighted in NICE’s impact report.

News Published September 2019 Last updated September 2019

NICE recommends additional treatment option for people with early breast cancer

NICE has today (7 August 2019) published draft guidance recommending neratinib as an additional treatment for some people with early hormone-receptor-positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-positive breast cancer.

News Published August 2019 Last updated August 2019

Innovative treatment for gynaecological cancers approved for Cancer Drugs Fund

Olaparib, a medicine that has previously been used at a later stage in the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer, has now been approved by NICE as a first-line maintenance treatment.

News Published July 2019 Last updated July 2019

Breast cancer patients to have further NICE-approved drug combination option on Cancer Drugs Fund

Another potentially life-extending drug combination for some people with advanced breast cancer will now be available on the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) following its approval by NICE in draft guidance published today (17 July 2019).

News Published July 2019 Last updated July 2019

Keep homes well ventilated when cooking and cleaning to prevent ill health

NICE has urged local authorities and the public to be aware of the air quality in their homes and to reduce their exposure to indoor pollutants.

News Published June 2019 Last updated June 2019

The perinatal mental health (PMH) matrix: Improving the quality of care for women

Shared Learning Award 2019 finalist

News Published May 2019 Last updated May 2019

Thousands set to benefit from blood pressure treatment under new NICE guidance

NICE has today (28 August 2019) published its updated guideline on the diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure (hypertension).

News Published March 2019 Last updated March 2019

Shared Learning Awards: Judges reveal 20 shortlisted entries to be displayed at NICE annual conference

More than 60 entries received from organisations across the country which highlight how they put NICE guidance into practice

News Published February 2019 Last updated February 2019

New migraine drug not cost-effective NICE says in draft guidance

NICE has said that a new drug for preventing migraine is not a cost effective use of NHS resources, in draft guidance published today.

News Published January 2019 Last updated January 2019

Life extending treatment for patients with advanced liver cancer recommended by NICE

Approving regorafenib is a "welcome step forward" for those people who are eligible

News Published November 2018 Last updated November 2018

A NICE fellowship was an excellent opportunity to develop the PMH matrix

Sarah Fishburn, quality improvement for Thames Valley Strategic Clinical Network, discusses how postnatal mental health care can be improved

News Published November 2018 Last updated November 2018

New advice will help doctors spot and treat Lyme disease early, says NICE

NICE has issued new advice to help doctors quickly spot Lyme disease, so they can offer people NHS treatment as soon as possible.

News Published April 2018 Last updated April 2018

Help people make informed decisions when they want to quit smoking, says NICE and Public Health England.

NICE and Public Health England have published updated guidelines for health practitioners and stop smoking services on the best ways to help people quit smoking.

News Published March 2018 Last updated March 2018

Once a day pill for ovarian cancer could be made available on the CDF

NICE has invited Tesaro to submit a proposal for including niraparib (Zejula) in the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF), for treating some types of recurrent ovarian cancer.

News Published February 2018 Last updated February 2018

NICE says benefits of breast cancer drug fulvestrant too uncertain to make it cost effective

NICE has published draft guidance saying the evidence on using fulvestrant to treat a type of breast cancer does not prove it prolongs survival more than existing, less expensive treatments.

News Published September 2017 Last updated September 2017

The 5 most viewed NICE 'do not do' recommendations

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges recently described our 'do not do' database as an excellent resource. The database allows you to search for recommendations that we've made on a clinical practice that should either be discontinued or not used routinely within the NHS. Take a look at the top 5 recommendations:

News Published December 2014 Last updated December 2014

The NICE year in review - part 2

A quick look at the guidance and advice that generated the most interest from July to December.

News Published December 2014 Last updated December 2014

Diabetes: a ticking time bomb for the NHS?

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing conditions worldwide, with the International Diabetes Federation predicting that at least one-in-ten adults could have the illness by 2030.

News Published June 2012 Last updated June 2012

Helping to prevent death from the 'five big killers'

This week, a major study revealed that despite some progress, the UK is falling far behind neighbouring countries in preventing deaths among those under 75, known as premature mortality.

News Published March 2013 Last updated March 2013

The NICE year in review part 2

A short summary of guidance and advice that generated the most interest during the second half of 2015.

News Published December 2015 Last updated December 2015

The votes have been counted and verified…

Deborah tells us how the judging panel have whittled the NICE shared learning award entries down from 64 to a shortlist of 20.

News Published April 2017 Last updated April 2017

Consistent food labelling system set for 2013

A consistent system of front-of-pack food labelling will be introduced in the UK next year, as the government attempts to curb growing rates of obesity.

News Published November 2012 Last updated November 2012

The NICE year in review part 1

Here’s a short summary of the guidance and advice that has generated the most interest during the first half of 2015.

News Published December 2015 Last updated December 2015

Turning the tide of type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is one of the world?s fastest growing conditions, with the rate of people developing the condition showing no signs of slowing down.

News Published July 2012 Last updated July 2012

Helping members of the South Asian community quit smokeless tobacco

Latest NICE public health guidance can help members of the South Asian community quit smokeless tobacco.

News Published September 2012 Last updated September 2012

Press and media

lifestyle and personal or family medical history. We recommend that menopausal women discuss with their doctors their own individual...

News Published July 2015 Last updated July 2015

The global crisis of depression

Chair of NICE Professor David Haslam reflects on the worldwide effects of mental health, and the importance of treating depression as any other disease.

News Published November 2014 Last updated November 2014

Behind the Headlines: Will all pregnant women be breathalysed for smoking?

Latest media reports suggest that all pregnant women will be made to take a breath test for smoking. Here we take a closer look at what was exactly recommended.

News Published May 2013 Last updated May 2013

Thousands more people could be offered drugs to prevent bone fractures because of osteoporosis

NICE has published new guidance on the use of drugs called bisphosphonates for preventing bone fractures in people at increased risk.

News Published August 2017 Last updated August 2017

Vulnerable people living in cold homes need greater support

GPs and other health and social care professionals have a huge untapped opportunity to spot and help vulnerable people whose health is at risk because of living in a cold home, says NICE.

News Published March 2015 Last updated March 2015

Women in established labour should receive one-to-one care

Women in established labour should receive supportive one-to-one care to ensure they have a safe experience of giving birth, NICE says.

News Published February 2015 Last updated February 2015

1 in 2 people will get cancer

Why are so many of us getting cancer and what can be done to prevent the disease?

News Published February 2015 Last updated February 2015

Standardising postnatal care for mothers and babies

Ensuring mothers are aware of the health benefits of breastfeeding, reducing the risk sudden of death syndrome, and assessing women for postnatal depression are among measures services can take to improve the quality of postnatal care, according to NICE.

News Published July 2013 Last updated July 2013

Bystander interventions: a new approach to reduce domestic violence in universities

At least 1.2 million women and 784,000 men in England and Wales are thought to suffer domestic violence and abuse each year.

News Published November 2014 Last updated November 2014

Women with symptoms of menopause should not suffer in silence

Women whose lives are being affected by the symptoms menopause should not feel they have to suffer in silence, says NICE.

News Published November 2015 Last updated November 2015

Life-extending breast cancer drug approved by NICE in draft guidance

People with advanced breast cancer are set to benefit from a life-extending drug as NICE says it should be available on the NHS.

News Published November 2016 Last updated November 2016

Majority of people with diabetes 'not meeting cholesterol targets'

More than half of people with diabetes are not having their cholesterol levels adequately controlled, according to a new study.

News Published September 2012 Last updated September 2012

Make healthy choices a life-long habit to prevent early death

Ensuring people develop healthy habits from an early age can help prevent long-term disease and early death, says NICE.

News Published March 2015 Last updated March 2015

Minimum pricing for alcohol 'effectively targets harmful drinkers'

A minimum price per unit of alcohol, as recommended by NICE, effectively targets high-risk drinkers while having little impact on moderate drinkers, according to a new study.

News Published February 2014 Last updated February 2014

NHS prescribing high numbers of NICE-approved drugs

Uptake of NICE-approved medicines on the NHS to treat cardiovascular disease, diabetes and osteoporosis is higher than expected, latest figures reveal.

News Published October 2012 Last updated October 2012

NHS urged to tackle antibiotic resistance

The NHS is being urged to tackle the rise in antibiotic resistance by cutting back on unnecessary use of the drugs.

News Published November 2013 Last updated November 2013

NICE appoints new Non Executive Director

NICE has appointed Dr Rosie Benneyworth, a GP and former commissioner, as a new Non-Executive Director (NED) to its Board.

News Published January 2016 Last updated January 2016

New blood test for pregnant women could help thousands avoid unnecessary treatment

NICE draft guidance recommends non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) for fetal rhesus-D status.

News Published July 2016 Last updated July 2016

NICE focuses on improving treatment and diagnosis of liver disease

People who drink too much should be sent for scans to detect early liver disease, says NICE

News Published December 2016 Last updated December 2016

NICE outlines options for assessing fragility fracture risk

GPs should use either the FRAX or QFracture tools to estimate fracture risk in at-risk patients, NICE says.

News Published August 2012 Last updated August 2012

NICE guidance to cover cost-effectiveness of 'free vitamins for all children'

Forthcoming NICE guidance will cover whether it is cost-effective to provide vitamin D supplements to all children under-five.

News Published October 2013 Last updated October 2013

More people who can get the flu jab for free should be vaccinated, says NICE

NICE is calling for people who are eligible for free flu vaccination to be offered it at every opportunity.

News Published June 2017 Last updated June 2017

Leading a healthier lifestyle can delay dementia, disability and frailty in later life

People should be encouraged to stop smoking, be more physically active, reduce their alcohol consumption, and adopt a healthy diet to help lower the risk of developing dementia, disability and frailty in later life.

News Published October 2015 Last updated October 2015