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NICE recommends additional treatment option for people with early breast cancer

NICE has today (7 August 2019) published draft guidance recommending neratinib as an additional treatment for some people with early hormone-receptor-positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-positive breast cancer.

News Published August 2019 Last updated August 2019

Innovative treatment for gynaecological cancers approved for Cancer Drugs Fund

Olaparib, a medicine that has previously been used at a later stage in the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer, has now been approved by NICE as a first-line maintenance treatment.

News Published July 2019 Last updated July 2019

Breast cancer patients to have further NICE-approved drug combination option on Cancer Drugs Fund

Another potentially life-extending drug combination for some people with advanced breast cancer will now be available on the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) following its approval by NICE in draft guidance published today (17 July 2019).

News Published July 2019 Last updated July 2019

Keep homes well ventilated when cooking and cleaning to prevent ill health

NICE has urged local authorities and the public to be aware of the air quality in their homes and to reduce their exposure to indoor pollutants.

News Published June 2019 Last updated June 2019

The perinatal mental health (PMH) matrix: Improving the quality of care for women

Shared Learning Award 2019 finalist

News Published May 2019 Last updated May 2019

Offer women a choice of procedure to terminate their pregnancy

All women should be able to access both medical and surgical procedures to terminate their pregnancy, says NICE in draft guidance.

News Published April 2019 Last updated April 2019

Thousands set to benefit from blood pressure treatment under new NICE guidance

NICE has published its draft updated guideline on the diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure (hypertension) for public consultation.

News Published March 2019 Last updated March 2019

Shared Learning Awards: Judges reveal 20 shortlisted entries to be displayed at NICE annual conference

More than 60 entries received from organisations across the country which highlight how they put NICE guidance into practice

News Published February 2019 Last updated February 2019

New migraine drug not cost-effective NICE says in draft guidance

NICE has said that a new drug for preventing migraine is not a cost effective use of NHS resources, in draft guidance published today.

News Published January 2019 Last updated January 2019

Life extending treatment for patients with advanced liver cancer recommended by NICE

Approving regorafenib is a "welcome step forward" for those people who are eligible

News Published November 2018 Last updated November 2018

A NICE fellowship was an excellent opportunity to develop the PMH matrix

Sarah Fishburn, quality improvement for Thames Valley Strategic Clinical Network, discusses how postnatal mental health care can be improved

News Published November 2018 Last updated November 2018

New advice will help doctors spot and treat Lyme disease early, says NICE

NICE has issued new advice to help doctors quickly spot Lyme disease, so they can offer people NHS treatment as soon as possible.

News Published April 2018 Last updated April 2018

Help people make informed decisions when they want to quit smoking, says NICE and Public Health England.

NICE and Public Health England have published updated guidelines for health practitioners and stop smoking services on the best ways to help people quit smoking.

News Published March 2018 Last updated March 2018

Once a day pill for ovarian cancer could be made available on the CDF

NICE has invited Tesaro to submit a proposal for including niraparib (Zejula) in the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF), for treating some types of recurrent ovarian cancer.

News Published February 2018 Last updated February 2018

Look out for people at risk of having ADHD diagnosis missed, says NICE

NICE is urging doctors to think about a potential ADHD diagnosis in people who are at higher risk of having the condition, but who are usually overlooked.

News Published September 2017 Last updated September 2017

NICE says benefits of breast cancer drug fulvestrant too uncertain to make it cost effective

NICE has published draft guidance saying the evidence on using fulvestrant to treat a type of breast cancer does not prove it prolongs survival more than existing, less expensive treatments.

News Published September 2017 Last updated September 2017

15 years of NICE

The NICE Annual Review 2013/14 is now available and offers a snapshot of our work over the past 12 months, as well as a look back as NICE celebrates its 15th anniversary.

News Published July 2014 Last updated July 2014

Setting standards for antenatal care

NICE has produced a quality standard on antenatal care to help improve the care that women receive during their pregnancy.

News Published September 2012 Last updated September 2012

Setting standards of care for women with urinary incontinence

NICE’s latest quality standard can help GPs and other healthcare professionals ensure that women with urinary incontinence are receiving the best and most appropriate care.

News Published January 2015 Last updated January 2015

Smokeless tobacco products pose serious health risks

Smokeless tobacco products used by some people of the South Asian community are associated with serious health risks such as oral cancer and cardiovascular disease, according to latest NICE guidance.

News Published September 2012 Last updated September 2012

Offer range of effective treatments for people with hep B

More people with hepatitis B should be assessed, referred and offered the range of clinical and cost effective treatments available for the disease, according to NICE.

News Published June 2013 Last updated June 2013

Patients with blood clots should be treated within 4 hours, says NICE

People who present to hospital with blood clots in the legs or lungs should be offered treatment within 4 hours and have their investigative tests including scans within 24 hours, according to latest guidelines.

News Published June 2012 Last updated June 2012

Pressure grows on Roche to lower breast cancer drug price

Leading cancer charities have joined NICE in calling on Roche to lower the price for its advanced breast cancer drug Kadcyla (trastuzumab emtansine).

News Published August 2014 Last updated August 2014

Price discount helps give green light for breast cancer drug pertuzumab

NICE approves the third breast cancer drug is as many weeks as pertuzumab is recommended to shrink tumours in some people with breast cancer so surgery can take place.

News Published November 2016 Last updated November 2016

Quality standard could help 'transform care' for mothers of twins and triplets

A new quality standard on multiple pregnancy has the potential to transform the care of women expecting twins and triplets, according to experts.

News Published September 2013 Last updated September 2013

Realistic weight loss goals better than quick fixes

Losing even a small amount of weight can help to improve the health of people who are overweight or obese and lower their risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer, says NICE.

News Published May 2014 Last updated May 2014

Reducing the spread of hepatitis B

NICE’s quality standard for hepatitis B can help to reduce the spread of the infection by ensuring that people who are at increased risk are offered testing and vaccination.

News Published July 2014 Last updated July 2014

Reducing variation in the care of people with osteoarthritis

NICE’s latest quality standard on osteoarthritis includes eight statements designed to tackle variation in the care of people with osteoarthritis.

News Published June 2015 Last updated June 2015

More people who can get the flu jab for free should be vaccinated, says NICE

NICE is calling for people who are eligible for free flu vaccination to be offered it at every opportunity.

News Published June 2017 Last updated June 2017

Leading a healthier lifestyle can delay dementia, disability and frailty in later life

People should be encouraged to stop smoking, be more physically active, reduce their alcohol consumption, and adopt a healthy diet to help lower the risk of developing dementia, disability and frailty in later life.

News Published October 2015 Last updated October 2015

Life-extending breast cancer drug approved by NICE in draft guidance

People with advanced breast cancer are set to benefit from a life-extending drug as NICE says it should be available on the NHS.

News Published November 2016 Last updated November 2016

Majority of people with diabetes 'not meeting cholesterol targets'

More than half of people with diabetes are not having their cholesterol levels adequately controlled, according to a new study.

News Published September 2012 Last updated September 2012

Make healthy choices a life-long habit to prevent early death

Ensuring people develop healthy habits from an early age can help prevent long-term disease and early death, says NICE.

News Published March 2015 Last updated March 2015

Minimum pricing for alcohol 'effectively targets harmful drinkers'

A minimum price per unit of alcohol, as recommended by NICE, effectively targets high-risk drinkers while having little impact on moderate drinkers, according to a new study.

News Published February 2014 Last updated February 2014

Address gaps in mental health care for new mothers

Women who have experience of, or are at risk of mental health problems, should get extra support before, during and after their pregnancy, says NICE.

News Published December 2014 Last updated December 2014

Age 'should not be barrier to treatment'

Decisions around whether to offer a person surgical treatment should not be based on age and fitness, according to a new report.

News Published October 2012 Last updated October 2012

Better access to contraceptive services will reduce unwanted pregnancies

All young people in England should be given access to contraception and advice at convenient locations so no-one is denied services because of where they live, says NICE.

News Published March 2014 Last updated March 2014

Healthy diet and exercise key to reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes

Simple lifestyle changes, such as increased physical activity or eating more healthily, can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes, says NICE.

News Published July 2012 Last updated July 2012

Helping women make informed choices about caesarean births

NICE?s new quality standard on caesarean section aims to ensure pregnant women can make an informed decision about their planned mode of birth.

News Published June 2013 Last updated June 2013

Improve access to supplements to help prevent vitamin D deficiency

Wider availability of low-cost supplements could help prevent health problems in millions of people at risk of vitamin D deficiency, NICE says.

News Published November 2014 Last updated November 2014

Calls for standardised model of bedside monitoring

Bedside monitoring for hospital patients should be standardised and based on measures recommended by NICE, according to a new report.

News Published July 2012 Last updated July 2012

Coil is more effective than pill as emergency contraception, says NICE

NICE is calling for women to be told that the coil is more effective than the ‘morning after pill’ for emergency contraception, in a new quality standard.

News Published September 2016 Last updated September 2016

Improve community health through walking, cycling and behaviour change

Improving the health of local populations through encouraging more walking and cycling and by challenging unhealthy behaviours are among the aims of NICE?s latest set of local government public health briefings.

News Published January 2013 Last updated January 2013

Last call for applicants for NICE Fellowship programme

Senior health and social care leaders interested in becoming a NICE Fellow have just one week left to apply.

News Published November 2013 Last updated November 2013

Indicators to improve dementia care proposed for QOF 2014/15

hree new indicators to improve dementia care could be added to the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) incentive scheme for UK practices, as NICE unveils potential indicators for 2014/15.

News Published August 2013 Last updated August 2013

Government to extend Cancer Drugs Fund until 2016

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has announced an extension to the Cancer Drugs Fund for two years. Since 2011, the fund has ring-fenced £200 million a year of the NHS budget for cancer treatments which may not yet have been assessed by NICE or which have been found not to be cost or clinically effective enough for wider use on the NHS. The Government?s extension will make the fund available until 2016.

News Published September 2013 Last updated September 2013

GPs have 'key role' to play in assessment and referral of patients with hep B

GPs have a key role to play in the assessment and subsequent referral of patients with hepatitis B, according to experts.

News Published June 2013 Last updated June 2013

Consider lower BMI risk thresholds for people from black, Asian and minority groups

Healthcare professionals should consider a lower body mass index (BMI) when identifying the risk of weight-related conditions among people from black, Asian and minority ethnic groups, according to latest guidance from NICE.

News Published July 2013 Last updated July 2013

Court warns CCG over disagreeing with NICE guidance

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) cannot choose not to follow NICE guidance because they merely disagree with it, even where there is no statutory duty to do so, a court has ruled.

News Published May 2014 Last updated May 2014

Device to diagnose pregnancy complications could help avoid use of speculum

A new device that detects the cause of unexplained vaginal wetness in pregnancy could help pregnant women avoid receiving unnecessary invasive speculum examinations, according to NICE.

News Published July 2013 Last updated July 2013