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Non-invasive MRI scan for Prostate Cancer recommended by NICE

NICE has recommended the scan as a first-line investigation for people with suspected clinically localised prostate cancer.

News Published December 2018 Last updated December 2018

Offer calcium-based phosphate binders to manage hyperphosphataemia, says NICE

Adults with hyperphosphataemia in chronic kidney disease should be offered a calcium-based phosphate binder as a first-line treatment in addition to dietary management, says NICE.

News Published March 2013 Last updated March 2013

Prompt diagnosis of social anxiety disorder leads to effective treatment

A prompt diagnosis of social anxiety disorder is crucial in ensuring people access the most clinical and cost effective treatment, according to NICE.

News Published May 2013 Last updated May 2013

Measures to improve the care for people who self-harm

The number of people who self-harm has risen steadily over the past two decades, meaning the UK now has one of the highest rates in Europe.

News Published July 2013 Last updated July 2013

Helping GPs make an early diagnosis of cancer

Thousands of lives in England could be saved each year if the NHS follows updated guidance to help it diagnose cancer earlier. Here we outline what the guidance means for GPs.

News Published June 2015 Last updated June 2015

Symptom relief key for common 'distressing' bowel condition

Symptom relief through the range of recommended drugs and treatments available should be the primary outcome for patients with ulcerative colitis, according to NICE.

News Published June 2013 Last updated June 2013

Tackle obesity through a 'community-wide'approach

Obesity should be tackled by encouraging different organisations to work together through a 'community-wide' approach, according to latest guidance from NICE.

News Published November 2012 Last updated November 2012

Healthy diet and exercise key to reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes

Simple lifestyle changes, such as increased physical activity or eating more healthily, can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes, says NICE.

News Published July 2012 Last updated July 2012

Greater awareness of hepatitis B and C needed

Greater awareness of hepatitis B and C is needed so that more people who are at risk can be tested and treated for the viruses, according to latest guidance from NICE.

News Published December 2012 Last updated December 2012

Call for better diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease

GPs should make an early diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) by performing an ankle brachial pressure index measurement, as NICE sets out new guidelines on the diagnosis and management of lower limb PAD.

News Published August 2012 Last updated August 2012

New support for clinical audit from NICE

Quality standards will be the focus of a new range of audit support packages being developed by NICE.

News Published May 2015 Last updated May 2015

NICE outlines options for assessing fragility fracture risk

GPs should use either the FRAX or QFracture tools to estimate fracture risk in at-risk patients, NICE says.

News Published August 2012 Last updated August 2012

New decision making guideline will help maximise personal autonomy

Nageena Khalique QC, barrister and chair of the committee for the NICE guideline on Decision making and mental capacity, discusses how the new guideline applies to a range of situations

News Published October 2018 Last updated October 2018