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Shared Learning Awards: Judges reveal 20 shortlisted entries to be displayed at NICE annual conference

More than 60 entries received from organisations across the country which highlight how they put NICE guidance into practice

News Published February 2019 Last updated February 2019

New guidance will help combat drug resistant urinary tract infections, says NICE

NICE has published new guidance to help healthcare professionals optimise the treatment of urinary tract infections (UTIs).

News Published May 2018 Last updated May 2018

Seven glasses a day, keep UTIs at bay

Sundus Jawad, tells us how improving hydration in care homes reduces the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) for residents

News Published June 2018 Last updated June 2018

Has NICE guidance helped your organisation up its game? Enter the 2019 Shared Learning Awards

The 2019 Shared Learning Awards are now open for entries.

News Published September 2018 Last updated September 2018

NICE 2018 Shared Learning Awards: And the finalists are….

Deborah steps out of the judging booth to tell us who has been listed as a NICE shared learning award finalist.

News Published April 2018 Last updated April 2018

Call for entries for 2016 NICE Shared Learning Awards

NICE is calling for organisations that have used its guidance or advice products to enter its 2016 Shared Learning Awards.

News Published January 2016 Last updated January 2016

2015 Shared Learning Awards: Finalists announced

Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, and Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust are in the running to win this year’s Shared Learning Awards.

News Published May 2015 Last updated May 2015

Antibiotic resistance 'high among children with urinary tract infections'

Up to half of samples of urinary tract infections in children are resistant to common antibiotics, new research has shown.

News Published March 2016 Last updated March 2016

Cut NHS waste through NICE's 'do not do' database

NICE’s database of ‘do not do’ recommendations is a resource that doctors should use to reduce waste in the NHS, according to a new report.

News Published November 2014 Last updated November 2014

A new way to find quality statements

Changing the way we structure information.

News Published May 2016 Last updated May 2016

New NICE advice about when to give antibiotics for common infections

For the first time NICE is giving specific advice for doctors and nurses about when and how to prescribe antibiotics for conditions such as sore throats and colds.

News Published July 2017 Last updated July 2017

NICE approach to managing urinary incontinence in women wins 2015 Shared Learning Award

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust has won the 2015 NICE Shared Learning Award for its working in improving the management of urinary incontinence (UI) in women.

News Published October 2015 Last updated October 2015

Antibiotic resistance is now “common” in urinary tract infections

The number of urinary tract infections (UTIs) caused by drug resistant bacteria is increasing, new data shows.

News Published October 2017 Last updated October 2017

Test children's urine before prescribing antibiotics for UTIs, says NICE

NICE is advising healthcare professionals use dipstick urine tests to decide whether to give children antibiotics for suspected urinary tract infections (UTI).

News Published September 2017 Last updated September 2017