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Developing a new NICE database

Shared learning Published April 2008

Developing an osteoporosis screening questionnaire

Shared learning Published July 2008

Development of a care pathway for Schizophrenia

Shared learning Published January 2013

Development of a pre operative supportive care clinic

Shared learning Published October 2011

East Riding Health Trainer Service

Shared learning Published July 2013

Division of Ankyloglossia (Tongue Tie) For Breastfeeding

Shared learning Published August 2011

Gap Analysis/Action Plan (GAAP)

Shared learning Published November 2014

Harmonising Pre-hospital Care across the South West

Shared learning Published February 2013


Shared learning Published February 2011

Healthy Living Dentistry

Shared learning Published January 2016

Implementing faecal calprotectin testing in primary care

Shared learning Published November 2015

Improving the quality of care for children with epilepsy

Shared learning Published November 2012

Improved access to breastfeeding peer support

Shared learning Published October 2012

Improving access to psychological care after stroke

Shared learning Published January 2012